This blog is intended to be a collection of observations, intuitions and rational reflections related to a larger project.  For now I’m calling that project “SPIRITUAL AUTONOMY: FOR AND AGAINST EVANGELICALISM.”  It’s wider-ranging than the name may suggest — though on second thought, maybe not, since most important topics these days, at least in the humanities and social sciences, are considered inter-disciplinary; and even the hard sciences seem not as “hard” as they used to be.

Some relevant articles and book reviews are also included, along the sidebar.  In retrospect, I can now see the outlines of this project underpinning  most of those — though in my earlier years I had only faint glimmerings.   But I have nursed these same intuitions for decades, and now that my vision is a little clearer, my aim is for each of my blog comments to address my larger project’s focus.

Even so, the sequence of blog entries is not organized in any rational way.  I hope that eventually the tag cloud can help capture their thematic threads, and keep present the idea that this a unified project.  It also highlights some of the authors whose work I have greatly appreciated.

These entries may get revised along the way, and when that happens, I’ll try to note this at the end of each entry.

Thanks for reading, whoever you are.  God doesn’t seem interested in providing feedback, so I welcome your ideas and will make every effort to respond to thoughtful comments.


rev 9/2018


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